Junior Rugby

Register online for the 2014 Canucks Junior Rugby!

You can now register for Canuck’s Junior Rugby online!

The 2014 Canuck’s Junior season begins mid April, 2014, weather permitting.
Get your cleats, mouthguard, socks, shorts and jersey and get ready for another great year!

Junior rugby training will start outdoors in mid April Centennial Fields (2390 47 Ave. SW). As in past years, we’ll get going bright and early at 9:00am till 12:00 noon, weather permitting (sessions will be shorter for younger age groups). In the event of poor weather, we’ll try to move indoors. Email the coach for you age group for exact times and location.

The Canucks Junior Rugby Programs consists of six different age groups.

Each age group will have at least two coaches. During games, one coach acts as referee and one coach is allowed on the pitch behind their team during play to provide constructive positional advice and guidance to players.

2014 Under 18 Season

Please note the Under 18 season does not start until mid June. This is because the High school season conflicts with the Club season. This year we will be playing games during July and the first week of August. Games will be 2 times per week with one practice per week.

The objectives of our junior rugby program are…

  • To introduce players to rugby in a controlled safe environment
    NOTE: all players are required to wear mouth guards
  • To help players acquire good basic rugby skills: passing, catching, running with the ball, tackling & kicking
  • To develop teamwork and good sportsmanship skills among our players
  • And most of all, to ensure all our players have fun!

The principles on which we run our junior rugby program are…

  • Focus on participation & skill development. To help facilitate this throughout the league, a coach will be allowed on the pitch during games to provide constructive guidance to players.
  • Players will be expected to play hard; within the rules and spirit of the game.
  • Rugby is a team game; the best tries are those when all players touch the ball.
  • All players & coaches must respect the authority of the referee and not dispute the referee’s decisions.


2014 Age Groups:

  • Under 18 – Players born in 1996, 1997 & 1998
  • Games at this level will be played with the full compliment of 15 players.
  • Under 15 – players born in 1999 & 2000
    Games at this level will be played with 15 players.
  • Under 13 – players born in 2001 & 2002
    Games at this level will be played with 11 players and kicking will only be permitted in defense (inside the 22 meter line).
  • Under 11 – players born in 2003 & 2004
  • Games at this level will be played with 6 to 9 players a side and will be tackle.
  • Under 9– players born 2005, 2006 & 2007
  • Games at this level will be played as flag rugby.

The 2014 season wind up for the U9 through U15 age groups is to be scheduled for mid July.

For complete rules and regulations for all age groups, please see Alberta Junior Rugby

Junior Rugby Contacts

Under 18, Larry Jones: Email

Under 15, Jack Taylor: Email

Under 13, Jack Taylor: Email

Under 11, Ron Sheppard Email

Under 9, Mike Murphy: Email